Providing business advising, finance governance, and leadership teaching services to eliminate inefficiencies that hinder success. 


UFCC helps household corporations, start-ups, and companies of all sizes eliminate inefficiencies by identifying the source and customizing a solution to resolve. The following is UFCC's three step process: 

1) Strategy Development & Tactical Planning (Advisory)
2) Process Development & Employee Empowerment (Teaching) 
3) Reporting & Regulatory Compliance (Governance)*

*The Holistic Concentric Circles Model is applied to ensure sustainability consideration (see below)

Figure 1. The Holistic Concentric Circles Model. CGP = corporate governance performance; CEP = corporate environmental performance; CSP = corporate social performance; CFP = corporate financial performance.
Find out more about Dr. Graham’s Holistic Concentric Circles Model using the following links:

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