Improving process strategies while reducing costs to achieve profitability transformation.

Sample Services (by client type)

Starting and running a small business requires all your might according to Ecclesiastes 9:10. Your business must be efficient, compliant, and socially responsible to keep a competitive edge in the market. UFCC provides customized consulting services to keep you as the business CEO moving forward. Services may include Cost Reduction, Finance/Legal Compliance, Standard Operations Optimization, Education/Training.

A home should be well organized and well maintained to maximize peace, security, and quietness according to Isaiah 32:18. Ongoing pandemic periods and the unpredictable events of life provide short-term challenges that can lead to long-term operational dysfunction. UFCC provides customized consulting services to keep you as the family CEO on track. Services may include Budget Optimization, Operations & Time Management, and Tax & Wealth Strategy.




Business expansion, including international/global operations, requires elevated prudence according to Proverbs 14:15. Customers, employees, and stakeholders are counting on Executive Leadership to use wisdom in growing the company for multiple generations to come. UFCC provides customized consulting services in leading your Executive Team to produce high yield, long-term sustainable results. Services may include Finance Optimization, Finance Transformation, Standard Operations Optimization, and Workshop Facilitation.

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