Providing advising, governance, and training services to promote business sustainability and generational longevity for companies of all sizes.


Strategy Development & Tactical Planning (Advisory), Process Development & Employee Empowerment (Teaching), Reporting & Regulatory Compliance (Governance).

As an extension of the executive leadership team, UFCC works with internal teams to establish a long-term overall strategy (organizational change or financial transformation) that promotes business sustainability and generational longevity. To help companies, UFCC creates a customized strategy and implementation plan based on executive leadership goals and Dr. Graham’s Holistic Concentric Circles Model. This model, developed during her studies at Georgia State University, gives equal consideration to financial and nonfinancial sustainability performance.

Figure 1. The Holistic Concentric Circles Model. CGP = corporate governance performance; CEP = corporate environmental performance; CSP = corporate social performance; CFP = corporate financial performance.
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