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Dr. GNP (Dr. Graham-in-Purpose), known as Dr. Jennoa Graham is an international public speaker, author, professor, and adjunct executive team leader. Her 20-year career of combined multinational corporate accounting and consulting experience reflects core values of transparency, integrity, efficiency, and sustainability resulting in multi-million-dollar savings. Most recently, she has broadened her platform as a speaker and educator to educate the individual & business communities about various topics of concern, empowering people through human connection.

She is the founder of the Educational Debt Cancellation Foundation (EDCF), as well as Utilitarian Financial Consulting Corporation (UFCC), and is committed to the pillars of governance, education, and advising both on the individual as well as the corporate level. Available for public speaking events, as well as financial consulting and business coaching, Dr. GNP is committed to utilizing her skillsets to advance communities and corporations throughout the world.


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Business Coaching

Financial Consulting

Public Speaking

Utilitarian Financial Consulting Corp

Utilitarian Financial Consulting Corporation (UFCC), is a boutique consulting firm providing advising, governance, and training services promoting business sustainability and generational longevity for companies of all sizes. UFCC’s mission is to support executive leadership in the successful implementation of financial transformation (Non-IT) strategies. As an Executive Consultant, Dr. GNP is an experienced consultant with proven expertise in domestic/international financial transformation, process improvement, problem solving, organizational leadership, and cross-functional team leadership.

Educational Debt Cancellation Foundation

Educational Debt Cancellation Foundation (EDCF), is an online community platform dedicated to helping every student loan borrower break the bondage of educational debt and overcome economic disaster. EDCF’s mission is to support and provide resources for reducing educational debt and promoting better behaviors through education and guidance on financial needs, debt management, and life management matters.





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Client Testimonial

“Dr. Graham is a leader and skilled in several key leadership architect competency areas found in strategic and operating skills. Her work was a huge advantage to our entire office...Along with her undeniable talent, Dr. Graham has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees.” 

Melissa Murphy

Director of Inventory Management & Demand Planning