Improve process strategies while reducing costs

Dr. GNP is not a medical physician however she treats her clients with the same level of care and tenacity for results outlined in the Hippocratic Oath to "DO NO HARM." She lives her life according to the word of God using biblical principles to lead and support others:

Homes are well organized, peaceful, and maintained (Isaiah 32:18). Businesses are fully committed to the vision (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Business expansion initiatives are handled with wisdom and evidence-based research (Proverbs 14:15).

Dr. Graham is a high integrity professional with 20+ years of industry, adult life, and consulting experience. She is an unwavering defender of compliance and protector against regulatory authorities. With several published works to her name, she is recognized as an articulate speaker and writer.

Dr. Graham is a catalyst for life and financial transformations; motivating others to do what is best. She is a champion for positive cost-effective change and promoting long-term success. Her methods provide tangible, measurable savings, and best practices with proven results.

About Dr. GNP

About Dr. GNP

       EXEC Consultant | Finance & Operations Transformation Catalyst

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