As of December 2015, American students have accumulated $1.3 trillion of educational loan debt (Kingkade, 2015) and rising (Kane, 2016; Friedman, 2017). One in seven Americans with outstanding student loans have delayed marriage due to the amount of debt (Student Loan Hero, 2015) and as of April 2016, nearly 40% are not making payments (Mitchell, 2016). There are communities of students, graduates, and parents of graduates unable to repay their student loans due to “Economic Disaster.”
Economic Disaster as defined by Dr. Graham: “Communities of professionals deprived of the ability effectively repay educational expenses and maintain current living conditions, due to the disruption of obtaining full market value of produced finished products and/or services from the education they received.” (9/30/2015)

Social Sustainability Problem


EDCF was formed specifically to reduce the accumulated $1.3 trillion (and rising) of educational loan debt and promote better behaviors through education/guidance on financial need, debt management, and life management matters. It is the vision of Dr. Graham to heighten awareness of student loan debt and eliminate Economic Disaster in all communities by “Breaking the bondages of educational debt.”

Social Sustainability Solution

EDCF has developed innovative reactive (ST) and proactive (LT) strategies to effectively reduce the accumulated $1.3 trillion of educational loan debt and promote better borrowing behaviors.

Develop a subscription based online community platform that creates a safe environment for Educational Lenders, Givers, and Scholars to communicate and share information. The website will also serve as a centralized resource for financial needs, debt management, and life management education/guidance.

Partner with parent company Utilitarian Financial Consulting Corp and other organizations to develop a series of outreach programs and educational financial planning services to help current and aspiring students of all ages balance cost of education with income expectations and life management.

Short-term Strategy

Long-term Strategy

Long-term Strategy

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