EDCF is a 501c3 organization formed specifically to reduce the accumulated $1.5 trillion (and rising) of educational loan debt and promote better behaviors through education/guidance on financial need, debt management, and life management matters. It is the vision of Dr. Graham to heighten awareness of student loan debt and eliminate Economic Disaster in all communities by “Breaking the bondage of educational debt.” Our mission begins with single mothers struggling to repay education debt while providing for their children.

My story begins as a pregnant teen living in the most feared areas of the Midwest giving birth to a high energy bundle of joy with bright eyes. My hopes of living the promised and delusional “Happily Ever After” soon faded with the harsh reality of raising a child alone in the ghetto. Seasons changed during my daily commute from summer to an unforgiving winter as I walk 2 country blocks to catch 2 city buses and walk 12 city blocks to get to the daycare before boarding a school bus. Like a skillful flying trapeze artist, I perfected the delicate balance of school books on my back, diaper bag on one arm, and my child in a carry-all on the other arm as I navigated treacherous terrain.

One bitter morning on the last leg of my pedestrian commute, I collapse like a sack of potatoes into a nearby store, trying to rescue the tiny screaming red face with eyes frozen shut with icicle tears. In that moment I knew that going to college was my only option to make a better life for us. “No more frozen tears.” A year later I won a scholarship that allowed me to go to college and live in family housing with on-campus daycare. It was perfect… too perfect. As a first-generation student, I had no insight or guidance to avoid or lessen the “mortgage-like” price tag of this life-changing education to be repaid on a meager entry-level Midwestern salary. A single mother should not have to choose between a roof for her child and education debt repayment and with your help, she doesn’t have to…

My Story - No More Frozen Tears

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